About Switchback Systems

Over 20 years of expertise in communciations and phone systems

Hey there, I’m Steve, and I’m the owner of Switchback Systems. 

For over 20 years, my time and I have provided phone system support and expertise to local businesses in the Minneapolis area. 

Switchback Systems originally started as a phone system and PBX supplier, implementing and configuring phone systems and helping clients with all of their communication needs. 

Today we’re still in the PBX vertical, helping to support and maintain legacy systems that still have life left in them for major brands like Vertical, Avaya and Nortel just to name a few. 

Our expertise has expanded to VOIP services and communication cloud solutions as well. We service all of the Twin Cities as well as surrounding areas like Chisago County for example. 

Trusted by hundreds of businesses over the last several decades, Switchback Systems is your go to partner and resource for all of your business communication needs.

Steve Dempsey

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