All Your Business Calls In Microsoft Teams

Microsoft teams phone system is a Great Solution To Cut The Cord.

microsoft teams phone system

A Microsoft teams phone system can also save the cost and hassle of a traditional desk phone by eliminating it entirely. No more messy phone cords getting in the way!

Microsoft Teams

Phone System

Microsoft Teams phone system is a powerful communication and collaboration platform that your company can utilize for file sharing, video conferencing and group chats and real workflow. Now imagine adding your business VOIP phone to Teams for either a few select users or your entire organization.

There are a lot of advantages to combining your phone system with Teams. Yes you can still keep your existing business numbers in Teams so you don’t have to switch numbers. Your employees will love having everything in one place in Teams – internal collaboration and being able to make and receive calls with your customers.

microsoft teams phone system

Cut the cord to your desk phone. Use Microsoft Teams VOIP on your cell phone when out of the office and a sleek blue tooth headset that goes where you go. 

Cut The Cord

With Microsoft Teams VOIP you have your communication and collaboration all in one place. Easily dial your contacts with one click so no more button mashing. 

microsoft teams phone system

You get all the functionality and capability of your traditional business phone system. Caller ID, voicemail, call routing, switchboard. We’ll port over your existing phone numbers too. 

Great Quality

Great Solution

Using Microsoft Teams allows you to cut the cord to a traditional desk phone. Imagine the freedom to use your cell phone and a bluetooth headset and take your business phone line with you anywhere. 

Microsoft Teams VOIP includes all the benefits of a traditional phone system. You can even mix and match traditional phones and Microsoft Teams if you wish, allocating Teams VOIP licenses to your roaming or remote employees while everyone else stays with a traditional desk phone.

You can still enjoy all the traditional features like a menu system, direct extensions and even call recording. Your only job will be to talk. 

microsoft teams phone system