A Little Switchback Systems History

Experienced Managed Service Provider In Minneapolis In Minnesota For 20+ Years

Serving Minnesota

For Over 20 Years

Switchback Systems has a long history going back into the early telecom days. Originally Switchback was primarily a phone systems provider, supporting businesses with their onsite phone systems like Vertical and Avaya. We started to become a managed IT service provider in Minneapolis for our client base. 

By becoming a managed IT service provider in Minneapolis we found that clients liked having a single company for not only all of their voice and communication expertise but IT support as well. 

Some of our team have been with the company for 15+ years. We can say the same about some of our long clients as well. we still have many loyal clients that have been with us for all that time. It’s not about the great service they receive but the professional relationships and stability that comes with working with a long term IT and voip company. 

Today what Switchback Systems is really about is providing seamless expertise for business communication and IT support. Rather then a client chasing their tail having one vendor for phones and another for IT Switchback provides both. Our clients love having these 2 major services they require all under one roof. 

Reliable support and a different approach to a managed IT service, affordable rates, decades of expertise all in one package. Looking for a free consultation? Just use the form below and let’s talk, identify your pain paints and propose a customized solution just for your business. 

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If you are looking for a managed IT service provider in Minneapolis that can also manage all of your communication like phones and internet you have found it. Robust support and monthly packages for your business.